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Welcome to the Green Industry Web Portal

The GIW Portal is a free service for the Green Industry to help train employees, potential employees, and students wanting to gain certifications and licenses or the knowledge needed to improve their lives and careers.

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Summer Programs

Upcoming Summer Programs 2015

Lots more classes coming thanks to our new grants, agency and industry support! Sponsored classes, offered at no cost, will be offered in AL, GA, SC, NC and TN this winter to help prepare you for and re-certify state pesticide licenses, support GIW Portal Certification training and help your business and career opportunities grow. Beginning January 2016, we will offer web-based distance learning and exams to award several Green Industry Certifications and to give you an opportunity to increase and validate your knowledge. f you would like to help, we would welcome in-kind educational materials and cash donations, offers to speak at classes and sites for live training. Contact GIWP Education Director, Fred Kapp at 205-862-2588 or for details. Click here to learn more!

hosted by AUM

Hosted by Auburn University at Montgomery

The GIW Portal is hosted by Auburn University at Montgomery and content will be added as needed to help the industry and educators. Live training and testing may be scheduled during the year, but at this time is limited to the Appalachian Region of Alabama. Partnering sponsors, willing to supplement training costs, may schedule the training anywhere outside of Alabama's ARC Region.

accessible anywhere

Accessible for study anywhere, anytime

The GIW Portal and the library of video content, links, and reproducible content will be accessible for study anytime. Live classes and "virtual office hour schedules" are being developed at this time and will be listed on the "Classes and Training" page.

backed by supporters

Backed by many professionals, associations, faculties, and government entities

The GIW Portal has been created and will be sustained by a large group of supporters, listed on the "Sponsors and Partners" page. If you want to attend live classes, schedule a class in your area, or would like to help support the GIW efforts, please contact: GIW Educational Director, Fred Kapp: or 205-862-2588.